Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scavingly brilliant idea.

I just had a scavingly brilliant idea. Besides the idea all my life of touring the US in an RV.  Instead of just driving willy nilly, to all my favorite destinations; I love the shore. Any shore. How about I start in Maine and then drive around the US shores! Close to the ocean. I just spent an hour glancing at a map and discovering the cities I would come in contact with. Its exhilarating! Portland Maine to Portland Oregon! Along the way, Virginia beach, Charleston, Miami, the Keys, Corpus Christi, highway 1 in California!  I think I would spend months in California.The parts of the US that doesn’t have a shore, I would visit the small little towns looking for my Stars Hollow. How long would this take? A year? More? I would have to time it right. South and Florida early like Feb or March.
Kind of like Steinbeck's tour with his dog Charley, the black poodle that resembles my dog Jeffery a lot! I have to say, this book sparked my dormant RV interest. After buying the house I had put away any RV thoughts. Thinking that this is my place. All the things I loved about camping, the fire, marshmallows and sunrises and sunsets, I put into my back yard. I have my chiminea for fires, I have a sunroom with all the comforts of a cabin. I even have 4 hours of sunrises and sunsets on a youtube channel I Roku from the sun room. This summer I think I spent maybe 3 days in the sun room. And it's really lovely!

But reading Steinbeck's book about traveling around America with his dog brought back all my old dreams and yearnings. I started reading more outdoors books. Started researching and join RV groups online. I love the RV communities on FB. Lots of great info. Full time RVersRV Newbies and RV Forum has lots of experienced information. Because of Travels with Charley, I have come to really embrace the idea of a smaller class  C rv. I know I would not be able to tow, so I will need something I can drive. I do believe in karma and fate so I when I saw this camper in the Walmart parking lot. I realized I found exactly what I am looking for. Well, what I should be looking for. This looks like the perfect size for me!

Isn't it just adorable? I am pretty sure I can handle something small like this. This will be my template when looking for an RV. 

If you get the chance, read Steinbeck's book. Its very entertaining. Even if it is from the 60's. I loved it. 

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