Sunday, December 27, 2015

It's raining it's pouring.....

It has been unseasonably warm here in WNY. We STILL don't have any snow yet! I wanted to take advantage of this and head out on an adventure with my adventure dog Jeffery. Even got him a new hiking coat. I have also toyed with the idea of panniers for him, but I don't see us hiking for hours yet that he has to carry his own food and poop bags. He is somewhat of a beginning hiker dog too, so I will have to be mindful of his capacity. He is 10 years old. We have done some mild hikes together. And Jasper, well, at 12 he stays home. Jeffery is a rat terrier poodle mix and is very agile. 

It has been raining steadily since I looked outside last night at 10pm. Most people look at rain in disgust. I welcome it like an old friend. I love a rainy day. I could sit and watch the world glisten outside my window all day. A weekend day like this is a treat. In my favorite spot, dogs nestled by my side and a pile of books next to me. This is heaven. I have never minded rain camping either. There is something about being cozy in a tent or cabin safe and dry against the elements that gives me joy. 

So when I am out on my adventures I will welcome rainy days as gifts. I certainly will have many books with me, probly on my nook. It will be a pleasure to hunker in no matter where I am and enjoy a rainy day of reading and snuggles and a good cup of tea. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator

Well after MUCH research on the solar generator I have made my choice. When the time comes I will start with the Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit. Around 660$.  I am very impressed with the reviews.

To Wander and Wonder in what Adventure Vehicle?

Every time I put my traveling RV plans on hold because I have lost confidence, something breaks the shell of my reluctance and brings back the yearnings in full force. I can never suppress these yearnings for so long as they just take over my soul. I will be sparked by an article in Outside magazine,  or a hiking post in Facebook and I am 2 hours deep in research on small converted Ford Transits or vintage trailers. I'm not giving up on my dream. And God, if you really want me to wander and wonder in my fab RV, please let me win the Power Ball and I will be on my way!

As I sit here at my kitchen window contemplating my little menagerie  I have created, I wonder where my wander could bring me? What beautiful nature and wild life can I experience? If I venture out? 

Right now it is just my confidence in myself and if I can do it. My fear of the unknown. Being alone on my own with a machine I know nothing about. Switches and batteries and poop removal. RVs can be very daunting. 

My latest research has been about converting a van or those newer commercial cargo vehicles.  This Outside Magazine article has sparked my interest again. 
I have been reading other adventure bloggers that live in converted vans. Its so simple. I can deal with an Ikea like desk and a bed, a little camping potty set up in the back of those new vans. It would be so cool to do and easy! I even think it would be no problem to bring my own Internet. Then I start thinking. Yeah I know. Electricity. Hmmm I will have to have a generator. Then my research on generators as a woman started to BOGGLE me! Maybe solar panels. More eyes glazing over. I know what I want. 
I'm just not man enough to understand all that stuff! How it works and where the energy is stored, how much do I need? I can't even figure out how to let out one of those orange electric extension cords out of the vehicle and still keep it sealed up and safe. Ugh. 

So you know me, I am not one to give up on my yearning. It won't let me anyway. Until my dream adventure vehicle arrives, my analytical mind has come to my rescue! Yes, I am a Sr Business Analyst III by vocation. My main drawback is my confidence in myself to jump into this wandering aimlessly through the United States. Well, I think I should build my confidence first in smaller outings in my own gorgeous, beautiful, nature filled New York State! I already own a $45,000 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited. When I bought it, while at the dealer they sent me to the accessories guy and he laughed cuz the Limited has ALL the luxury accessories already. He couldn't up sell me anything. So, yes I already somewhat own an adventure vehicle. I live one day driving distances to the Finger Lakes, Allegheny, the Adirondacks, Lake Placid, the Thousand Islands! Why don't I build up my adventure legs right here? And if my dog and I have to spend maybe ONE night in the car. That ain't so bad right? 

Bertha, my FJ, was my original Adventure truck and my dream truck. She served her purpose well! That is Raven in the background; my current Adventure vehicle. Its got all the bells and whistles I need to get to my spot of choice.
Why I get these urges to travel in the dead of winter, I don't know. Oh, I remember now. I mapped out a whole adventure to Maine via Lake Placid and Vermont this summer in Raven. Couldn't wait. And then those 2 prison inmates busted out and hid in the Adirondacks.  No WAY was I going to even go near them. The one guy cut up his boss in little pieces! That put the kibosh on my trip. But I still have all the research on it. Maybe 2016? 

Stay tuned....... more to come. This girl is not giving up. 

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Maybe I have already found it.

Once again I have put my RV plans on hold. Once again I have found that my home is my sanctuary, why can't I just stay home and enjoy it? I still have that traveling wanderlust, but with all the negative news stories, weather disasters and I still have that fear/anxiety of driving long distances... is it such a good idea to spend so much money, go in debt, just to drive an RV around the states? If I had unlimited funds then yes I would do it in a heart beat but there are so many unknowns. Yes, I work from home so I could work from any where but I do have a couple meetings I do have to show up for.
If I do work from the RV I need working internet. I also have my dogs. I could never leave them along in the RV for long periods of time. There are just so many unknown questions.
The questions I did ask myself is, why? Why do I want to travel the US in an RV? To see the sights, yes. See the sky and sunrise and sunsets. To gaze at the stars.
Why can't I do that from my own home? I have a beautiful big yard to do this from.

So for now. I think I will remain home and enjoy my own yard.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What am I running from?

What am I running from? Why  do I have such wanderlust? Why cant I stay in one place and not get antsy? I thought about my child hood. Ever since my parents divorced when I was 7 my mother rented numerous homes. We even lived on a commune when I was 12. We never had roots.  So, you would think I would want to plant roots as soon as I could when I was old enough to take care of myself.  I am now 56.  This is my first home I have owned.  It is perfect for me, I love it. It has everything I could want. So why the RV?  I am on vacation this week, I have been reading books about people that have hiked the Appalachian Trail, the PCT and moved into the woods. I am fascinated with the outdoors and people that thrive out there. I myself never plan to hike for 4 months in the wilderness. I do like to do day hikes and am an amateur nature photographer.  I want the RV to be able to get close to nature but be able to run back to a room with a kitchen and bathroom and lock out the bears and mountain lions. While on vacation I am also watering my dear friend Katherine's garden and porch plants.  I was there today and I just love this garden. While there the Orioles were yelling at me. As I watered I was envious of how beautiful every little bit of it was. I have known Katherine for years and have watched her nurture this beautiful space. 

That’s what it is. Nurture. I don’t have the nurture gene. My attempt at a vegetable garden was abysmal this year. I just am not a gardener I told myself. Easier to buy my veggies at Wegmans.  I do a very good job of taking care of my birds. I have a wide assortment of birds at my feeders. If I nurture a garden then I will be tied to my yard and watering all summer. I still plan on an RV. I just need to know my limits. Maybe travel south in the winter? I also don't plan to be a full timer. I love my home base. Travel only short stints in the winter? Who will feed my birds when I am gone. So many things to think about. To decide.

In all of this, I did have one take-away. Enjoy everything Just as it is.  I'm so busy researching RVs and planning, planning. I need to enjoy today just as it is. To watch the birds from my porch. To relax, have a cup of tea and just be.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Scavingly brilliant idea.

I just had a scavingly brilliant idea. Besides the idea all my life of touring the US in an RV.  Instead of just driving willy nilly, to all my favorite destinations; I love the shore. Any shore. How about I start in Maine and then drive around the US shores! Close to the ocean. I just spent an hour glancing at a map and discovering the cities I would come in contact with. Its exhilarating! Portland Maine to Portland Oregon! Along the way, Virginia beach, Charleston, Miami, the Keys, Corpus Christi, highway 1 in California!  I think I would spend months in California.The parts of the US that doesn’t have a shore, I would visit the small little towns looking for my Stars Hollow. How long would this take? A year? More? I would have to time it right. South and Florida early like Feb or March.
Kind of like Steinbeck's tour with his dog Charley, the black poodle that resembles my dog Jeffery a lot! I have to say, this book sparked my dormant RV interest. After buying the house I had put away any RV thoughts. Thinking that this is my place. All the things I loved about camping, the fire, marshmallows and sunrises and sunsets, I put into my back yard. I have my chiminea for fires, I have a sunroom with all the comforts of a cabin. I even have 4 hours of sunrises and sunsets on a youtube channel I Roku from the sun room. This summer I think I spent maybe 3 days in the sun room. And it's really lovely!

But reading Steinbeck's book about traveling around America with his dog brought back all my old dreams and yearnings. I started reading more outdoors books. Started researching and join RV groups online. I love the RV communities on FB. Lots of great info. Full time RVersRV Newbies and RV Forum has lots of experienced information. Because of Travels with Charley, I have come to really embrace the idea of a smaller class  C rv. I know I would not be able to tow, so I will need something I can drive. I do believe in karma and fate so I when I saw this camper in the Walmart parking lot. I realized I found exactly what I am looking for. Well, what I should be looking for. This looks like the perfect size for me!

Isn't it just adorable? I am pretty sure I can handle something small like this. This will be my template when looking for an RV. 

If you get the chance, read Steinbeck's book. Its very entertaining. Even if it is from the 60's. I loved it. 

Welcome to the beginning of something......

For a while now, I have always been looking for that little town we see in all the movies and tv shows. That Hallmark little town where everyone knows you all your life. Where you feel safe among the holidays and traditions only a small town can give you. All this time I thought it was the perfect town that I was looking for. My ultimate Stars Hollow. But its not the town, it’s the feeling. Of security and belonging. Of having a family and friends and support system. Of not doing it all by yourself. Someone is always there to help, to give advice, to celebrate your joys and milestones.

I am somewhat of a gypsy. Thus the name Gypsisoul since 1994. If I count since 1994 I have moved 20 times! This would include Denver and Florida. Until I bought my beautiful little home in Lockport. I have what you call wanderlust! We joke and say, If I had the money I spent moving I would have a gorgeous mansion right now. But I finally did settle down and love my dream home. I always wanted a Craftsman and I found this beautiful place during a Garden walk. It will be a year in October  I have been here. The gypsy in me has always had another dream. Owning an RV. Let me just segue here and inform you that when I do drive to Florida or Denver or any interstate, which I do, but always regret. I get small panic attacks. Maybe not attacks, but I get this terrible homesick feeling, and then when I get home I have a mild depression for a few weeks. Despite this oddity, I still want an RV.  I think I can tackle the attacks or depression by traveling only a few hours a day and stopping and staying in an RV site or state park.  I wont know unless of course I try. Yes, I will rent an RV and try this out before I spend the enormous amount of money. 

So even tho I put down roots. I have always been a hermit. Back in the 90's I used to dream of working from home and living in a cabin in the woods. Away from people. And I was married at the time! Ha ha. I still have been that hermit. In 1996 I divorced and got an apartment on the third floor of a trendy neighborhood in Buffalo. No one could get to me there. I thrived and loved it. I could look out on to the world from my perch. And no one could visit me unless I buzzed you in. Which I wouldn’t. From there and a few bad relationships since,  I distanced myself from the world. Moving more and more into the boonies where no one could "drop by".  I do have a few very close friends that I still visit with. But I realized the lonliness is not something I want and the Gladys Cravits in me still loves to observe the neighborhood. My home in Lockport is just busy enough for this. I live a normal life, but oh, that wanderlust! And because of my hermit ways of 20 years I don’t really have the family, or traditions or support systems a normal person would have. Im ok with it.

I'm a stranger no matter where I go. No matter what I do, I do it alone. Even in my own home its just me. So why not travel and be a stranger everywhere.

I have come to terms with this. I love to explore and see new things. I moved to Denver and Florida and got home sick and came back to WNY. Now that I have my home base here in Lockport, I think the best idea would be to travel in the RV in short stints first, but I can always come home.  Knowing now I have a home base in WNY I wont get home sick. It sounds so perfect. I work from home so I should be ok. But this would have to be done in baby steps. Really little tiny baby steps.  Would you like to take this adventure with me? Figure out the details?

I will be doing all my research on everything RV travel and will be posting articles, thoughts and pictures here. It will mainly be for me to think out loud. But why not share? And it will also be a base for my research so I can find the info again if needed.

So right now I am in the very beginning stages. Do I even want to buy an RV? What kind? How do I work from RV? etc..... very very beginning steps.