Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Welcome to the beginning of something......

For a while now, I have always been looking for that little town we see in all the movies and tv shows. That Hallmark little town where everyone knows you all your life. Where you feel safe among the holidays and traditions only a small town can give you. All this time I thought it was the perfect town that I was looking for. My ultimate Stars Hollow. But its not the town, it’s the feeling. Of security and belonging. Of having a family and friends and support system. Of not doing it all by yourself. Someone is always there to help, to give advice, to celebrate your joys and milestones.

I am somewhat of a gypsy. Thus the name Gypsisoul since 1994. If I count since 1994 I have moved 20 times! This would include Denver and Florida. Until I bought my beautiful little home in Lockport. I have what you call wanderlust! We joke and say, If I had the money I spent moving I would have a gorgeous mansion right now. But I finally did settle down and love my dream home. I always wanted a Craftsman and I found this beautiful place during a Garden walk. It will be a year in October  I have been here. The gypsy in me has always had another dream. Owning an RV. Let me just segue here and inform you that when I do drive to Florida or Denver or any interstate, which I do, but always regret. I get small panic attacks. Maybe not attacks, but I get this terrible homesick feeling, and then when I get home I have a mild depression for a few weeks. Despite this oddity, I still want an RV.  I think I can tackle the attacks or depression by traveling only a few hours a day and stopping and staying in an RV site or state park.  I wont know unless of course I try. Yes, I will rent an RV and try this out before I spend the enormous amount of money. 

So even tho I put down roots. I have always been a hermit. Back in the 90's I used to dream of working from home and living in a cabin in the woods. Away from people. And I was married at the time! Ha ha. I still have been that hermit. In 1996 I divorced and got an apartment on the third floor of a trendy neighborhood in Buffalo. No one could get to me there. I thrived and loved it. I could look out on to the world from my perch. And no one could visit me unless I buzzed you in. Which I wouldn’t. From there and a few bad relationships since,  I distanced myself from the world. Moving more and more into the boonies where no one could "drop by".  I do have a few very close friends that I still visit with. But I realized the lonliness is not something I want and the Gladys Cravits in me still loves to observe the neighborhood. My home in Lockport is just busy enough for this. I live a normal life, but oh, that wanderlust! And because of my hermit ways of 20 years I don’t really have the family, or traditions or support systems a normal person would have. Im ok with it.

I'm a stranger no matter where I go. No matter what I do, I do it alone. Even in my own home its just me. So why not travel and be a stranger everywhere.

I have come to terms with this. I love to explore and see new things. I moved to Denver and Florida and got home sick and came back to WNY. Now that I have my home base here in Lockport, I think the best idea would be to travel in the RV in short stints first, but I can always come home.  Knowing now I have a home base in WNY I wont get home sick. It sounds so perfect. I work from home so I should be ok. But this would have to be done in baby steps. Really little tiny baby steps.  Would you like to take this adventure with me? Figure out the details?

I will be doing all my research on everything RV travel and will be posting articles, thoughts and pictures here. It will mainly be for me to think out loud. But why not share? And it will also be a base for my research so I can find the info again if needed.

So right now I am in the very beginning stages. Do I even want to buy an RV? What kind? How do I work from RV? etc..... very very beginning stages.....baby steps. 

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