Sunday, December 20, 2015

To Wander and Wonder in what Adventure Vehicle?

Every time I put my traveling RV plans on hold because I have lost confidence, something breaks the shell of my reluctance and brings back the yearnings in full force. I can never suppress these yearnings for so long as they just take over my soul. I will be sparked by an article in Outside magazine,  or a hiking post in Facebook and I am 2 hours deep in research on small converted Ford Transits or vintage trailers. I'm not giving up on my dream. And God, if you really want me to wander and wonder in my fab RV, please let me win the Power Ball and I will be on my way!

As I sit here at my kitchen window contemplating my little menagerie  I have created, I wonder where my wander could bring me? What beautiful nature and wild life can I experience? If I venture out? 

Right now it is just my confidence in myself and if I can do it. My fear of the unknown. Being alone on my own with a machine I know nothing about. Switches and batteries and poop removal. RVs can be very daunting. 

My latest research has been about converting a van or those newer commercial cargo vehicles.  This Outside Magazine article has sparked my interest again. 
I have been reading other adventure bloggers that live in converted vans. Its so simple. I can deal with an Ikea like desk and a bed, a little camping potty set up in the back of those new vans. It would be so cool to do and easy! I even think it would be no problem to bring my own Internet. Then I start thinking. Yeah I know. Electricity. Hmmm I will have to have a generator. Then my research on generators as a woman started to BOGGLE me! Maybe solar panels. More eyes glazing over. I know what I want. 
I'm just not man enough to understand all that stuff! How it works and where the energy is stored, how much do I need? I can't even figure out how to let out one of those orange electric extension cords out of the vehicle and still keep it sealed up and safe. Ugh. 

So you know me, I am not one to give up on my yearning. It won't let me anyway. Until my dream adventure vehicle arrives, my analytical mind has come to my rescue! Yes, I am a Sr Business Analyst III by vocation. My main drawback is my confidence in myself to jump into this wandering aimlessly through the United States. Well, I think I should build my confidence first in smaller outings in my own gorgeous, beautiful, nature filled New York State! I already own a $45,000 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited. When I bought it, while at the dealer they sent me to the accessories guy and he laughed cuz the Limited has ALL the luxury accessories already. He couldn't up sell me anything. So, yes I already somewhat own an adventure vehicle. I live one day driving distances to the Finger Lakes, Allegheny, the Adirondacks, Lake Placid, the Thousand Islands! Why don't I build up my adventure legs right here? And if my dog and I have to spend maybe ONE night in the car. That ain't so bad right? 

Bertha, my FJ, was my original Adventure truck and my dream truck. She served her purpose well! That is Raven in the background; my current Adventure vehicle. Its got all the bells and whistles I need to get to my spot of choice.
Why I get these urges to travel in the dead of winter, I don't know. Oh, I remember now. I mapped out a whole adventure to Maine via Lake Placid and Vermont this summer in Raven. Couldn't wait. And then those 2 prison inmates busted out and hid in the Adirondacks.  No WAY was I going to even go near them. The one guy cut up his boss in little pieces! That put the kibosh on my trip. But I still have all the research on it. Maybe 2016? 

Stay tuned....... more to come. This girl is not giving up. 

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